USB-Testbook.Lite is an entry level  SIP Trunk and VoIP tester for those installing and maintaining SIP trunks and VoIP services and networks. Able to make up to 5 simultaneous VoIP calls with RTP (Media), USB-Testbook.Lite can test a networks ability to make VoIP calls under different conditions, and to also check the call quality (MOS).


With it's unique capability to emulate both VoIP CPE (PABX) and the VoIP network, USB-Testbook.Lite can be used to replace different parts of the VoIP network allowing users to quickly test, identify and isolate issues.


Based on a USB memory device, USB-Testbook.Lite is a self-contained live software environment that can be run on most x86/X64 based laptops or computers, no need to carry expensive or bulky test equipment.


Ideal for VoIP engineers and consultants who needs a simple cost effective VoIP solution.



Test Network VoIP Call Capability


USB-Testbook.Lite has the ability to make real SIP based VoIP calls to any destination including Fixed Line Phones (POTS),  Mobiles, International Numbers and of course other VoIP devices.


How often do you test a new SIP trunk or VoIP service and find that the maximum call capacity is configured incorrectly or that call routes to certain destinations are not possible. USB-Testbook.Lite allows users to check call capacity of trunks and networks as well as test call routes using a number of different calls modes.





Ensure Call Quality and Network SLA's


A key issue when deploying VoIP especially when replacing traditional analogue and TDM voice services is the call quality, are users experiencing good voice quality when making VoIP calls.


USB-Testbook.Lite provides a real-time call quality (MOS) indication whilst test calls are in progress. Using easy to understand colour indicators USB-Testbook.Lite shows the call quality for each call in progress allowing users to determine if the underlying network or service is able to deliver the required quality of service.


Users can adjust the ToS (Type of Service) and CoS (Class of Service) for both the SIP signalling and RTP (Media) in order to determine network performance and to check if QoS settings are in place and effective.





Automatically Detect VoIP Problems


When deploying VoIP services behind routers especially those with NAT, ALG and firewalls, there can be issues such as no voice or one-way voice even if a VoIP phone indicates that the call is connected.


USB-Testbook.Lite can help isolate VoIP issues by automatically reporting  on a number of identified issues whilst making test calls. For example if during a call USB-Testbook.Lite detects that RTP (Voice) has been lost in either the forward or reverse direction it alerts the user to the issues both in the graphical user interface as well as the system log.


This capability help users to identify issues that are otherwise difficult and time consuming to find. Once a problem such as one-way RTP is identified USB-Testbook.Lite can then by used to provide a consistent and repetitive method of testing whilst changes are made to network and equipment settings required to address the issue.



Document VoIP Network Performance


Testing Trunks and Networks for VoIP capability and performance is all well and good but how do you share with others those test results and prove that testing has been successful.


With automatic PDF test report generation, USB-Testbook.Lite generates and saves detailed PDF reports in the background each time you run a test. Two test reports are generated, one graphical detailing call completion information and call quality statistics, the other providing a copy of the system log displayed in the test workspace detailing all call information and other detected events.


The PDF reports can be customised by loading your own Logo/Header and details such as site details and engineers name can be added to the reports, Ideal for giving to customers or keeping for internal records.





Identify Issues by Emulating VoIP Entities


Identifying issues in any network can be difficult especially when equipment and services are provided by different suppliers. When problems happen, finger pointing often occurs with different vendors blaming the other.


With USB-Testbook.Lite you can easily isolate VoIP issues by replacing different VoIP entities in the network. In PBX emulation mode you can emulate a VoIP PBX or similar checking that SIP trunks and VoIP networks and infrastructure are operating correctly.  In Network (ITSP) emulation mode you can emulate the VoIP network and infrastructure allowing users to test VoIP PBX's and other VoIP CPE to ensure for correct operation and  configuration. Network Emulation mode is often used by users to pre-stage and test VoiP equipment in the lab before it is delivered and installed on customers sites.


Testbook Logo

Entry level SIP Trunk and VoIP Testing

Albedo Telecom Ether.Genius Front Panel
USB-Testbook.Lite MOS Call Quality
USB-Testbook.Lite Sequential Call Mode

Graphical User Interface shows status of calls in real time helping to visualise test progress and VoIP call problems

Real time call quality (MOS) is displayed for each call in progress using colour coded indicators

Intelligent call monitoring during test calls automatically detects and indicates issues such as  one-way RTP.

USB-Testbook.Lite PDF Test Reports

Detailed PDF test reports are automatically generated in the background each time a test is run.

USB-Testbook.Lite VoIP Entity Emulation

USB-Testbook.Lite can emulate VoIP CPE (PABX) to test SIP Trunks & VoIP Networks,  and can also emulate a VoIP Network to test VoIP equipment

USB-Testbook.Lite Intelligent Call Monitoring





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USB-Testbook.Lite MOS Call Quality
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