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Grandway OTS-4

OTS-4 Optical Talk Set

The OTS-4 Optical Talk Set allows technicians to communicate over out-of-service optical cables. Providing full duplex voice communication over a single optical fiber, the optical talk set can be used in installation, commissioning and repair scenarios where other communications services are not possible or usable.
With it's built in hands free capability the OTS-4 can be used using the internal speaker and microphone, or with the supplied external headset for noisy environments or when privacy is required.
Able to be used on both Single Mode and Multi-Mode optical cables the OTS-4 provides excellent performance with a dynamic range of 50db at 1550nm. Providing over 40 hours operation using the internal rechargeable batteries, the OTS-4 comes complete with a AC/DC adapter for charging the batteries and continuous operation.
OTS-4 is supplied as a pair of units, with one unit operating at 1550nm and the other unit 1310nm, this facilitates the full duplex operation.

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