The OFS-1/OFF-1 Optical Fiber Finder is a cost effective solution consisting of  the OFS-1 Tone Generator and the OFF-1 Live Fiber Identifier.


In the Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) and Cabinets, there are often many fibers which can be messy and lack any kind of labelling. In such situations it can be hard to identify patchcords and cables, the  OFS-1/OFF-1 can help find the correct optical cable without interrupting the online service.


When it is required to identify cables in the ODF and cabinet of the central office, the OFS-1 Tone Generator can be attached to the Optical Cable of interest. The OFS-1 can be attached to the cable of by clamping the fiber mechanically, and then generates a 1Hz low frequency on the fiber in service.


The OFF-1 Live Fiber Identifier can then be used to identify the low frequency on different fibers, when the OFF-1 detects the signal from the OFS-1 it provides an LED  indication and provides an audible alert, all without disrupting the live service on the fibre.





  • Find the optical fiber without service interruption
  • <1dB insertion loss, no influence to optical signal transmission in the fiber
  • Auto identifies the test signal and indicates the result with LED indication and audible beep
  • 'One button 'meter', convenient and easy to use.
  • Detects a variety of optical tones; 270Hz,1kHz and 2kHz.
  • Powered by 2 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
  • Bluetooth function for wireless remote control
  • RB0.25mm, RB0.9mm, and RB3.0mm plungers available

OFS-1/OFF-1 Optical Fiber Finder

Grandway VLS-8 Optical Visual Fault Locator

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Grandway VLS-8 Optical Visual Fault Locator
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Grandway VLS-8 Optical Visual Fault Locator
Grandway VLS-8 Series Mini Visual Laser Source Brochure