ALBEDO xGenius is a multi-technology tester equipped with a large 8-inch touch screen for easy analysis and operation. Suitable both for use in the lab and the field, the xGenius is fully equipped with all that is required in order to carry out IP, Ethernet, PTP (IEEE 1588v2), SyncE, T1 and E1 testing up-to to 10Gb/s.


Used in conjunction with the the integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver the optional Rubidium clock provides high accuracy synchronisation measurements, with excellent performance in hold- over mode, all within a hand-held battery operated IP tester.


Operation modes include include Performance, Quality and Wander tests on all interfaces, with the ability to emulate and analyse PTP/SyncE, while measuring Freq./Phase, PDV metrics, analyse/generate TIE/MTIE/TDEV and TE.


The xGenius is suitable for measuring legacy and next-gen networks being equipped  with the most common access, back-haul and synchronisation interfaces. There is no need for field engineers to carry multiple testers or modules to turn up and monitor Telecom networks.


In order to verify the transmission layer to ensure performance and quality,  xGenius is equipped with all the required features including BER, RFC2544, eSAM, Multistream, MPS and Jitter, Wander.


10 Gigabit Ethernet Testing


Users of xGenius can rely on the instantaneous traffic generation to set up and modify any IP/Ethernet header. The unit can quickly scan the network traffic to select those flows to be tested.


Layer 1, 2, and 3 BER testing is supported and can be configured either with generic PRBS test pattern or specific patterns. RFC 2544 support verifies the performance of the network, testing throughput, frame loss, latency, jitter and burst, and can be executed in both symmetric and asymmetric modes.


Up to 8 traffic streams can be configured with CoS and QoS. The flows facilitate the simulation of realistic traffic conditions such as Internet, VoIP and IPTV. The eSAM service activation test allows turning up, installing and troubleshooting Ethernet-based services. eSAM allows complete validation of Ethernet service-level agreements (SLA's) in a single test.




xGenius can help to set up and test synchronisation networks providing a comprehensive set of features whist either accepting an external clock reference, recovering clock from incoming data, or using the built-in Rubidium clock disciplined with GPS.


SyncE operation is supported with complete analysis and generation of the signal, SSM and SSM protocols can be captured and decoded. Comprehensive PTP (IEEE 15882v2) is provided, allowing users to test and troubleshoot problems and issues between master and slave units. xGenius can be used in terminate mode to capture PTP messaging on both the transmit and receive test ports, in this mode the xGenius  simultaneously generates, receives, and captures PTP messages on the circuit under test.


Users can quickly identify higher layer protocol issues that may be associated with PTP messages and/or provisioning.


Jitter & Wander


Jitter and Wander measurements can be executed in real time without the need for external devices. Jitter measurement are specific for T1/E1 while Wander are for T1, E1, SyncE and PTP .



T1, E1 and Datacom


xGenius provides a scalable test solution for T1, E1 and datacom that includes full set of physical layer tests for balanced / unbalanced circuits including BERT, VF, signal level, round trip delay and one-way- delay with GPS.



Dual Port network interfaces with comprehensive time interfaces to test PTP, SyncE, MHz and TDM signals.

Rugged Battery Powered Multi-Function Platform with 8-Inch touch screen

Multi-Technology Performance Testing for 10Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 1000/ 100/10BASE-T, SyncE, T1, E1 and PTP Networks.

New simple to use intuitive GUI with short-cuts to relevant screens and application wizards..

Albedo Telecom xGenius

Ethernet Traffic Generation White Paper

Ethernet Traffic Generation

White Paper

C37.94 Testing White Paper

PTP Explained White Paper

C37.94 Testing White Paper

PTP Testing Overview White Paper

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Albedo Telecom xGenius
Albedo Telecom xGenuis Datasheet
Albedo Telecom xGenuis Brochure
Albedo Telecom xGenuis Datasheet
Ethernet Traffic Generation White Paper
C37.94 Testing White Paper
C37.94 Testing White Paper
Albedo Telecom xGenius
Albedo Telecom xGenuis Brochure
Albedo Telecom xGenuis Datasheet
Ethernet Traffic Generation White Paper
C37.94 Testing White Paper
C37.94 Testing White Paper