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Troubleshoot WiFi with Chanalyzer

Metageek Wi-Spy DBx
Metageek Wi-Spy Mini





See the Invisible with Wi-Spy


Wi-Spy is a custom USB spectrum analyzer designed specifically for troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues. Unlike most Wi-Fi tools, Wi-Spy is able to measure everything going on in your air. With Wi-Spy DBx, you can measure RF signals in the 5 GHz band, which is quickly becoming as crowded as the 2.4 GHz band


Have you been in a wireless troubleshooting situation where your channel selection looked right, but there were still connectivity issues? Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer, the spectrum analysis toolkit from MetaGeek lets you see interference that your computer’s wireless adapter can’t see alone. The Wi-Spy DBx is capable of analysing the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, preparing you for next generation 802.11ac technology.


Prove it’s Not Your Network with Report Builder


Everyone's got to report to somebody. With just a few clicks using the Chanalyzer Report Builder Accessory, you can easily create a report that includes any or all graphs and tables displayed in Chanalyzer. Add your own pictures, create your own descriptions, or just use the defaults. After you’re done, export to PDF and present it to your client or boss.







Metageek Chanalyzer Report Builder

Device Finder 2.4 GHz Directional Antenna for Wi-Spy

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    Locate Non-Wi-Fi Interferers


    Ever play "Hot and Cold" as a kid? You know, where you get "warmer" the closer you are to what you're looking for? Device Finder is "Hot and Cold" on steroids.


    With Device Finder, you can track down devices that are interfering with your wireless network, like cordless phones, wireless video cameras, and other analog devices. Increase speed and accuracy with the Device Finder directional antenna, which can lead you right to the interfering device. The Device Finder view shows a signal strength over time graph similar to the Networks Graph, but also shows the signal strength of a selected frequency range. Device Finder will enable you to actively seek out transmitters so you can know exactly what is happening around your network. You're getting warmer... WARMER...

Extend Your Diagnostic Reach by Adding inSSIDer Office


If you have a remote site, you know you can't be everywhere at once. But you can do the next best thing.


With the inSSIDer Office .wsx file export to Chanalyzer, technicians can now capture on-site recordings with the lightweight, budget-friendly inSSIDer Office app + Wi-Spy Mini, then export them as a .wsx file for later analysis in Chanalyzer, which is the real spectrum analysis workhorse for identifying and resolving interference issues.


Add inSSIDer Office and extend your reach today!




Diagnose Dual-Band






Ideal for smaller networks





  • Wi-Spy DBx
  • Chanalyzer

Diagnose Dual-Band

with Report Builder & Device Finder



Ideal for smaller network

Ideal for 802.11n and 802.11ac networks




  • Wi-Spy DBx
  • Chanalyzer with report builder
  • Device Finder Antenna

Diagnose Dual-Band

plus InSSIDer Office





Ideal for administrators with remote sites




Diagnose & Optimise

with Eye P.A & AirPcap





Ideal for large mission-critical networks




  • Wi-Spy DBx
  • Chanalyzer with report builder
  • Device Finder Antenna

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