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CCTS-03 Cable Conductor Talk & Test Set

The CCTS-03 cable conductor talk and test set can be used by two or more technicians to setup and communicate over dead telephone lines of up to 3000 Ohms or more, as well as test and tap-out telephone pairs.


Housed in a rugged and solid ABS housing the CCTS-03 is designed to be used in the harshest environments, the unit also comes with a strong  Cordura pouch for added protection. Powered by a standard 9 Volt alkaline battery, the CCTS-03 can be used for extended periods with no requirement for an external power source.


After a new cable installation or after repair of an in-service cable, the cable needs to be tested for common faults like pair reversals, opens, shorts or ground faults. These tests are fast and easy to handle with CCTS-03.


To establish voice communication over a dead pair, users simply connect a CCTS-03 at each end of the cable. As long as both units are connected to the same pair, voice communication is established and users can talk using the supplied headsets.


The CCTS-03 can also test and tap-out pairs, with one unit in the RX-Mode and the other in the TX-Mode a test tone is heard when the test lead of each CCTS-03 is connected to the same conductor.




Key Features


  • Lightweight and solid test set for  testing telephone lines.
  • Allows for communication over dead telephone lines.
  • Test for:
      • Reversals
      • Split Pairs
      • Shorts
      • Open
      • Ground Fault
  • Can be used on powered lines.
  • Microprocessor for tuning on live lines.
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