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GbE Wire-Speed Network Impairment Appliance

Features and Benefits


  • Hardware based
  • High accuracy
  • World first hand-held battery operated instrument
  • Verify 100% the stability of network nodes and terminals
  • Check the tolerance of services to QoS degradation
  • Assured Service and SLA
  • Minimize investment risks
  • Easy identification of degradation sources
  • Gigabit performance
  • Testing IPTV / VoIP / Multiplay developments
  • Complex topologies support
  • Replication of real traffic conditions
  • VNC Remote Control
  • SNMP management for automation applications




  • Network Design.
  • IP Applications Development
  • VoD, and real/time services.
  • Approval and Acceptance Tests
  • Troubleshooting
  • QoS verification in Internet-like networks
  • Laboratories
  • Emulation network conditions
  • Protocol testing




  • IP / Ethernet vendors
  • Developers of IP applications
  • IP Protocol experts
  • Triple Play service providers
  • R&D, Universities, Labs
  • VoIP, IPTV, HSI designers
  • Megaco, H.323, SIP testing
  • Satellite communications
  • Submarine links
  • HD Television test




16 Hardware filters on Port A and Port B allow you to match flows on incoming traffic and trigger impairment actions.

When flows have been matched to triggers up to 16 different impairment actions can be initiated, actions can contain multiple impairments.

Full Remote control of Net.Storm is possible through VNC client, test results and configuration files can be accessed through a Web browser.

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