• Sixteen (16) simultaneous filters can be applied to the traffic
  • Ethernet source and destination MAC addresses
  • Selection of MAC address sets with masks
  • Ethertype value with selection mask
  • VLAN-VID with selection mask
  • VLAN-CoS value with selection mask
  • IP source, destination, and source-and-destination
  • IP address group: subset of addresses filtered by masks
  • Protocol encapsulated in the IP packet (TCP, UDP, Telnet, FTP, etc.)
  • DSCP field, single value and range
  • TCP/UDP port, single value and range
  • Agnostics filters defined by 16 bits masks and user defined offset
  • Lawful filter: 64 byte pattern match at any place in the frame payload





  • Any Wireshark user requiring GbE performance
  • VoIP providers and installers
  • R+D centers
  • Law applications




Flexible configuration allows you to mirror Port A and Port B,  aggregate Port A and Port B or capture to the internal SD card.

16 Hardware filters on Port A and Port B allow you to catch only the network traffic that you want to see even at line rates.

GbE Wire-Speed Battery Powered Network Tap



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