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The Ultimate E1 & Datacom Performance Tester

Albedo Telecom Ether.Genius

Rugged Touch Screen Battery Powered Multi-Function Platform

The AT-2048 is the ultimate E1 (2Mb/s) and Datacom tester for field engineers that are installing, commissioning and troubleshooting E1 links, Synchronisation Networks, and Datacom circuits. Equipped with dual E1 interfaces, support for V.24, X.21, V.35, V36, EIA-530 Datacom interfaces, and G.703 contra and co-directional interfaces, the AT.2048 is the most comprehensive yet cost effective E1 product on the market.


Able to operate in terminate, monitor and through-mode the AT.2048 is suitable for most testing applications. With mux and de-mux capabilities, it is possible to drop and insert voice, data and patterns into any timeslot providing the user with the ultimate flexibility.














Based on a rugged design with a simple to use colour GUI, the AT-2048 is an ideal tool for the analysis and maintenance of 2Mb/s framed and unframed  Telecom circuits .


The AT-2048 has advanced test capabilities that can be enabled through optional software keys, including Pulse Mask analysis and Jitter and Wander analysis and generation.


  • Dual port BNC and RJ45 Connectors
  • Rugged but lightweight for Field use
  • Monitor and Pass Through modes
  • ITU-T G. 821, G. 826, and M. 2100 performance analysis
  • CAS signalling generation and monitoring
  • VF tone generation and measurement
  • Frequency,clock-slip and level measurement
  • Jitter measurement
  • Wander measurement (with all masks)
  • Pulse Mask
  • Uses standard Cisco Data Cables for X.21, V.24, V.35)
  • 2 x USB & RJ45 Ports
  • VNC remote control
  • Hand-held 1 kg / 2.2 lb





  • Unbalanced (BNC) 75 Ω and balanced (RJ-45) 120 Ω
  • V.24/RS232, V.11/X.24, V.35, V.36/RS449
  • G.703 (2048/704kbit/s),
  • G.703 co-directional



Pulse Mask Display and Measurement

Framed and Unframed Operation with

mux and de-mux capabilities

Ether.Genius Remote Control

Full Remote control of Ether.Genius is possible through VNC client, test results and configuration files can be accessed through a Web browser.

Albedo Telecom AT-2048 Brochure

AT-2048 Brochure

Albedo Telecom AT-2048 Datasheeteet

AT-2048 Datasheet

Jitter and Wander Measurements White Paper

Jitter & Wander Measurements

White Paper

Testing E1 White Paper

Testing E1

White Paper

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Albedo Telecom AT-2048 Datasheeteet
Jitter and Wander Measurements White Paper
Testing E1 White Paper